The 1st Selection Stage On The Mathematics and Natural Sciences (ON MIPA-PT) Mulawarman University.

The 1st selection stage of Mathematic and Natural Sciences of the National Olimpic for the higher education (ON MIPA-PT) 2017 at Mulawarman University is started from today, on 22 of February 2017. There are 85 students from the representation of the Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Mathematic and Natural Sciences Faculty (MIPA), Engineering Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty, and Medicine Faculty who are shown in the bollroom of Mulawarman University where the event is held.

This annual event under the Directorate General of Learning and Students Affairs the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education which has conducted the selection stage gradually. In this  first selection stage is conducted by the Higher Education to choose 7 of them per skill. The skills are competed, such as Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, and Biology.

Furtheremore, all passed participants will follow the 2nd selection stage in the regional area in the next coming time on 22-23 of March 2017 by Kopertis in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. In the national level, this 3rd selection stage will be followed by 64 students for each field of study.

The selection stage will be attended by Vice Rector for Students and Alumni  of Mulawarman University Dr. Ir. Encik Akhmad Syaifudin, MP and directly opened it officially. (hms/rob)