Workshop about Grant of student affairs units for the university level in 2017

The Vise Rector for students Affair and Alumni of Mulawarman University, Dr. Ir. H. Encik Akhmad Syaifudin, MP on Friday 17 of February 2017. He invited all the representations of students' units at Mulawarman University. This meeting is seminar about the kinds of grant for the activity at university level 2017.

There is also the head of Bureau of Academic and Students Affairs, Drs. La. Hasan, M.Si, The head of students devision, Jumrani, SH.,M.Si. the special assistant of Vice Rector, Aditya Irawan, S.Pi.,M.Si and finance, Mariyani, SP.

At this chance is also explained about SOP for student's activity report. started with grant proposal 3 weeks before an event and with two hard copies and it is approved by the chairman. Prepare the receipt with a 3000 and 6000 stamp.

The ooficial visit should be completed with official letter with the signed of student's chairman and organizing committee's stamp. Including the registration's fee with the air plane ticket and boarding pass. If they are lost, they have to show the letter of statement of airline.

The following's important SOP by the report maker of event, such as the detail expenditures badgets based on receipt. the original receipt should be attached and made colour copy with the approval stamp. (hms/rob)