Joint Seminar between the Faculty of Fishery and Marine Sciences Unmul and Lambung Mangkurat University.

Indonesia is as a maritime nation, has a big potency of fishery and marines. This things is underlied the joint seminar between the Faculty of Fishery and Marine Sciences Mulawarman University (FPIK) and the Faculty of Fishery and Marine Sciences (FPIK) Lambung Mangkurat University with the tittle " Building the Fishery and Marine in East and South Borneo Based On the Local Wisdom" this event is held at Kerapu room Lt.1 the Dean's building of Faculty of Fishery and Marine Sciences.

In the welcome speech, the Dean of FPIK Mulawarman University, Ir. Hj. Sulistyawati, said this event is as a recipcoral visit of FPIK to Unmul. "last year, we visited to ULM for the cooperation. Do hope this cooperation brings both changing and development," said.

The Vice Rector for General Affairs, Humas Resource and Finance of Mulawarman University who opened the speech, is really appreciate the event."It is important for us to make an academic atmosphere in scientific publication as the indicator for development both the Faculty and University." said Dr. Ir. H. Abdunnur., M.Si.

This should be continued as the yearly seminar agenda, such as joint seminar,  national, and international seminar. " This is good competitiveness because the human resource development and research of Human Resources that is out of Jave still rare. Do hope it gets a lot of things for research in the field of Fishery and Marine Sciences.

Let you to know that, this seminar presented 4 competence speakers in their fields, such as Ir. Fahmi Ansyari, MS as the Dean of FPIK ULM, Prof. Dr.Hj. Emmy Sri Mahreda, MP as Proffessor at Merine Sciences of Agribussiness of FKIP ULM, the new Dean of FKIP Unmul for the period 2017-2021 Dr. Ir. H. Iwan Suyatna, M.Sc., Dea is as the Professor of Agribusinnes of FPIK Unmul, Prof. Ir. H. Helminuddin, MM. (hms/rob)